Event Design & Creative Direction


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Molly started this quest to make-stuff-every-day in 2010 when she started her first creative endeavor, Glitter + Rye. Since that fateful day, she has filled her hours cutting paper, molding clay, arranging flowers, sawing wood, manifesting installations and just generally getting her hands dirty as often as possible. 

She oversees a whole slew of endeavors with RYE WORKSHOP and is always seeking projects for the collective that highlight the unique talents with whom we get to collaborate. In her mind, the perfect project includes the thrill of the hunt finding some kick-ass vintage pieces, flower market madness and a little sawdust in her hair.

BEVERAGE OF CHOICE  |  A jalapeño margarita or three

PERFECT DAY  |  Starts with strolling the flea market with a coffee the size of my head, fish tacos with extra guacamole and a cold beer, then a big ol' nap followed by a movie in an itty-bitty-tiny theater

DREAM CAR  |  Late 70's VW Westfalia camper van in teal

ACHILLES HEEL  |  Afternoon wine / The X-Files / Spicy chocolate

YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND ME WITH |  ... 27 half-empty MetroCards, matchbooks from various dive bars and three types of red lipstick